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Camelia Comets’ Reloj de Arena

This blog documents the RV journey and music of the Camelia Comets band, composed of Alejandro Ramirez and Alejandro Schwedhelm. They moved into a 1961 Comet vintage RV (AKA Camelia) during the Covid-19 Pandemic to travel to the most beautiful environmental havens in the US while working their full time day jobs, composing new music, exploring hikes and wildlife, and meeting interesting people across the country.

This website is also meant to inform RV or Vanlife enthusiasts about the perks and challenges of living on the road. Stay tuned for new posts every month!

Our Travel Route

Here we feature stories and recommendations about places we have visited. Each site visited includes a short blog with RV/Vanlife tips, hikes, music, and sometimes interviews of people we’ve met along the way.

Ridgeway State Park, CO
A majestic mountain haven
Zion National Park, UT
Red Mountain Paradise
Mesa Verde National Park, CO
An ancient world in the cliffs
Coyote Buttes South, UT
Sandstone Waves
Arches National Park, UT
Cathedrals of Geological History


As we travel and explore new wilderness haves, we usually go on hikes with our instruments, write and compose new music, and sometimes record it. In this section we share some of Camelia Comets covers and originals that we have recorded throughout this journey.

Reloj de Arena Single
RV Jam of first album: Mystical Experience, Track 1
RV Jam of first album: Mystical Experience, Track 5
Agua, Cover
Aqui No es Asi, Cover
Island Hopping
Mate en la Cama

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RV/Vanlife Tips & Tricks

Blog on how to live and work from an RV or Van.

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Tours and Interviews

Interview with Outdoorsman Bob Phillips in Moab, UT
Tour of Vintage RV Bus in Nelson, NV
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