Shine On

When one meets the nine the ten become one mind

of memories emerging from deserts and from jungles,

while uncertainty itself dances and dangles

with illusions of permanence, as it leaves them behind.

Hieroglyphs on the walls of the ancestors,

temples built in the cosmos with secret angles

and with sacred vectors.

A message from The Spirit written on the beam of the gazebo:

an invitation to keep shining on.

On a green/gray background stands the vision of a bearded man

ecstatic and bewildered by the tumultuous togetherness of his sensations,

and awake in a dream of cyclical awakenings,

cities of vegetation and wildernesses of cement co-penetrate and intermingle

all into one another; the moments of his life have become single

multicolor graffiti on the walls and on the train carts.

Luminous flowers emerging from the pitch dark as neon spindles

assembling and disassembling all their main parts,

bringing on the completion of all his desires

when his single ambition just retires

for the single ambition of the many hearts.

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